Elder Knights


Our first release To Be Announced soon!

Road Map

Chapter 1

Wood for a bonfire (1 of 6)

  • Welcome to Hægård - Mint an Elder Knights and unlock exclusive rewards Minting Website is now available elderknights.com
  • Here you go the $AKI - EK Utility Token
  • Here you go the White list token
  • Starting Knight’s Test Night - Selected community can try our alpha games tournament and win $AKI or NFTs
  • Introducing Encore - Elder knights’ comic book platform
    Join the comic book artists and writers that will be published on Encore!
  • Introducing Knights Over! – Elder knights’ videogame app
Wood for a bonfire

Chapter 2

Tempted by hosts (2 of 6)

  • Start the Castle’s Guild Quests - Stacking System to earn $AKI and you can get Knights Upgrades paying with $AKI
  • New minting page for Weapons NFTs - improve your in game stats to your NFT and become stronger
  • New minting page for Book of Class NFTs - add an exclusive in game class to your NFT
  • Forwarded into the caves of Castle’s Dungeon - Level Up your NFT improving the LUCK Stat, earning more $AKI from your NFT
  • Climb the hierarchy and become an Emperor
  • New Website page TBA
  • Releasing Encore- Elder knights’ comic book platform
Tempted by hosts

Chapter 3

Laboratory experiment (3 of 6)

  • Experiment with the Forge of Soul - Choose your way: Get in a chamber and evolve your NFT to exceed your power limits
  • New minting page for Elder’s Skull and Dragon’s Heart NFTs -Use them to evolve your Nft stats and art
  • Power Up - Elder’s Skull Pay 666 $AKI, evolve your NFT into an Eldest Knight & gain buff on your character.
  • New Website page TBA
  • Power Up - Dragon’s Heart Pay 222 $AKI, evolve your NFT into an Ancient Knight & gain buff on your character.
  • Releasing Knights Over! – Elder knights’ videogame app
Laboratory experiment

Chapter 4

New places (4 of 6)

  • Work in the Yggir’s Farm - Pay $AKI and convince Yggir to give you a Dragon Egg working for him for 24 h. Trust me, you would do well working hard if you really want the contents of that egg
  • New minting page is now available
  • ATTENTION important message: the Egg will ask you for some random specific labor, you’ll need that to hatch the Egg
  • Studying in the Yggir’s Library - You’ll find out how to unlock the power of your new little creature
  • Releasing EK Board Game
  • Releasing EK Comic Book
New places

Chapter 5

Something green touched me (5 of 6)

  • Definitive EK Board Game with app interaction
  • Definitive EK Comic Book
  • It’s shopping time at the Goblin Market - Goblin accept $USD, $USDC, $SOL and $AKI
  • New Website Marketplace TBA
  • Elder knight’s Merchandise in our EK E-Commerce:
    • Exclusive Limited Clothing,
    • 3D Printed Characters for table game and customized one,
    • EK Comic Book,
    • EK Board Game,
    • Card and Miniature of your NFT to play to EK Board Game.
Something green touched me

Chapter 6

The end of the beginning (6 of 6)

  • Meet the infamous Elders - Mint a new Elders Collection’s NFT
  • … Stay in Hægård to know what comes next……
The end of the beginning

White Paper

Download our White Paper: White Paper

Know the Team


Name: Sirmeng
Role: Co-Founder, Project director, CFO & Comic writer
Bio: management engineer by day and in the meanwhile degenerate builder by night


Name: Nnovæ
Role: Co-Founder, Social media and Advertise manager
Bio: aspiring copywriter and advertiser with the dream of exploring the world


Name: Haloe
Role: Co-Founder, Art director, Concept artist, Game designer
Bio: trained by the bests masters of the kingdom in Concept art, Illustration and 2D Animation

Discover the rest of the team in our discord!

Yggir's Diary

    Dark ages stain the vast lands of Hægård, but “where there is darkness, there must also be light”. This is the phrase that a knight-errant tells along his journey to reach the castle. Someone says he is a ghost, someone that he doesn’t exist at all, and someone who says he is just a human maddened by the things he has seen. No one knows the truth, and he is not interested in rumors, or in showing himself for what he is. His only purpose is to gather the famous Elders Knights to finally shoot down the looming plague of Elders, and bring back the sunrise on Hægård.
    February 2022- Everything started here. I saw some people. . . three to be exact. They came here, in my land, without warning.
    They weren’t normal people from Hægård. They looked different. They started talking about Roadmap, White paper, Budget plans. . . WTF is that stuff?? I couldn’t stay and listen to this bullshit a minute longer, so I went to silence these silly people. Or at least that’s what I thought of doing.
    “we are not a danger to your land, we will not use weapons against you.” In fact, they didn't use any weapons. One of them knocked me down, Yggir of Hægård, with bare hands after I tried to attack them.

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